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  • How does online play work?
    There are a variety of options for online play, and one of the first things we will figure out together is which of these will work best for your group: Discord and Zoom are good general-feature options, but there are RPG -focused sites such as Roll20 and DNDBeyond that we can use as well.
  • How do I book a session?
    Just head to the Contact information and drop me a message! I will get back to you as soon as humanly (or perhaps elfishly) possible to get things on a calendar!
  • How do we pay for this?
    I accept PayPal and etransfer. I ask that all payments be completed in full at least one hour before our scheduled session.
  • Do you do kids' parties?
    Absolutely! Please bear in mind, though, that I'm a professional Dungeon Master, not child-care provider, so there will need to be at least one other responsible parent or guardian present at all times.
  • Do you do corporate or business events?
    Of course! An afternoon or evening spent playing D&D together is probably one of the best (and certainly one of the more enjoyable) team-building exercises out there. Be it at your office, online, the local pub, or somebody's home, I'm ready to get your staff doing some slaying and spellcasting as an effective team.
  • Are you available for full-day retreats? For weekend retreats?
    I most certainly can be! Use the contact page to send me an email and we can discuss pricing and scheduling options.
  • Where can we play?
    Wherever you want: at the office, at your home, at the pub, at the long as it's in Peterborough or the Kawarthas. Or if you would prefer to play online it can be anywhere in the world!
  • Do you really provide everything we need to play?
    Yes, I really do: character sheets, dice, pencils, miniatures, maps, source books...everything. All you need to bring is your imagination.
  • Do we have to dress up or do silly voices?
    You certainly can if you want! But we're going to play in whatever way you are most comfortable. (I'll probably do at least a few silly voices though, no matter what.)
  • What is the expected etiquette of the game table?
    Players are expected to be respectful and polite to each other and to the DM at all times. Gameplay will never involve sexualised violence nor overly-graphic descriptions of violence by anyone at the table. Racist, sexist, and homo- or transphobic language or behaviour is strictly forbidden.
  • Can larger groups (more than 6) play a game?
    4-6 is the optimal size for a Dungeons & Dragons game. Any more than that, and the game tends to drag as you wait around for everyone to take their turn; also, less assertive people can get entirely lost in the shuffle.
  • Can smaller groups (fewer than 4) play a game?
    4-6 players is the optimal size party for Dungeons & Dragons, but you can go with fewer if you wish. If you do have a small party, individual players can take on more than one character each, or the Dungeon Master can play a sidekick or two.
  • Which system do you use?
    I'm exclusively and all about 5e.
  • Do you/can we use homebrew?
    I don't routinely use homebrew, other than the occasional reskin or buff to make things more interesting and fun; but if there's a particular homebrew you're interested in using let me know and I'll be happy to accommodate!
  • Do you impose any table rules?
    My starting point is with the RAW in the sourcebooks, but if the party wants to do things differently, then I am entirely at your disposal.
  • Do you use prewritten adventures or create your own?
    I tend to write and run all my own adventures, but if there's a particular prefab you'd like to play just let me know.
  • Can we get exclusively sandboxy?
    I love when things get sandboxy! While you are free to go 'off script' at any time (heck, I positively encourage that!) if you prefer that everything be entirely open-world and spur of the moment then we won't even bring a script with us to the table.
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