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Summer Camp

New for 2022: Dungeons & Dragons Day Camp!

Ages 11-15

No screens, new friends, and lots of fodder for the imagination. Our week-long day camp doesn't just offer kids the chance to play the greatest role playing game in history (though we'll be doing lots of that), we'll also delve into the art of effective world building, and how to design and run your very own adventure.

All levels of experience are welcome!


Choose from three one-week sessions:

  • 4-8 July

  • 11-15 July

  • 18-22 July


Trent University, Symons campus; specific rooms TBA


How Much?

$295 per camper

Weekly Schedule

What to bring

We provide everything you need to play, including a set of gaming dice for every player (which are yours to keep forever!), pencils, character sheets, source books, battle maps and miniatures. All you need to bring is your imagination and sense of adventure (along with a lunch).

If you already own any source books, miniatures, dice or other paraphernalia and would like to bring those along, please do! But please be ready to share with others (but not your dice...nobody shares dice!).

What are the games like?

The content of all Summer Camp games are age-appropriate: no graphic violence or disturbing content of any sort. We also have a Safe Play policy which allows any player to stop the game any time they want for any reason, without questions or judgement; just in case things get uncomfortable or a little too intense.

Is magic allowed?

Absolutely! So long as you're not planning on practicing any necromancy. That's just creepy.

How many players?

Each table will have no more than six players, so everyone gets a chance to get in on the action.


It wouldn't be Dungeons & Dragons without snacks, which we will provide...but our emphasis will be on providing lots of healthy choices and limited junk food (except for the pizzas on the last day!)

Please be sure to let us know about any food allergies or sensitivities in advance so we can put appropriate safeguards in place.

All campers, though, will need to bring a lunch. Killing goblins and rescuing farmers is hungry work.

Table Rules

All players are expected to be polite and respectful of each other at all times: abusive or foul language or behaviors of any sort will not be tolerated.

Rule Number One though is to have fun!


Drop-off is 8:30 and pick-up is 4:30, with an hour for lunch and supervised outdoor time around noon (weather permitting).

Please note that we love and cherish all our campers, but want to see them safely home at the end of the day so please do not be late in picking them up.

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