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Level One

4 hours

$150 (4-6 players)

This level is designed for those who want to start playing the world's greatest role playing game right away.

In the first hour, I will lead the entire party through the process of character creation, making sure to answer all your questions and providing a quick and easy explanation of all the relevant rules as we go.

The focus during this process will be on helping each member of your party to find and create the perfect character for them to play, and to breathe life into that character.

If you prefer, we can shorten the session to three hours, skip the character creation, and you can play with pregenerated characters which I will provide. (The cost of this shorter session is $125.)

I will then lead you through a three-hour stand-alone adventure (otherwise known as a "one shot"). The setting, tone and goals of this adventure are entirely up to you, but if you need help, I have lots of ideas.

You bring your imagination,
i provide everything else.
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